Preoperative Breast Radiotherapy: A Tool to Provide Individualized and Biologically-Based Radiation Therapy

Breast Cancer
Rachel Blitzblau, MD, PhD
Duke University School of Medicine


In 1990, the NIH concluded that conservative surgery followed by radiotherapy was the preferred treatment for women with early-stage breast cancer as no survival advantage was seen in women only receiving a more radical mastectomy. Unfortunately, some women electing to receive breast conserving surgery struggled to complete the recommended 6-week radiotherapy. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the local recurrence rates in these women receiving conservative surgery alone are unacceptably high. As a result, there is a need for a more convenient alternative to standard radiotherapy. The investigators propose a single session of pre-operative radiation to intact tumor. This allows for more precise targeting of target tissue, can be done at most radiation facilities, and will ultimately increase cosmetic outcomes.

Trial Registration: Identifier: NCT02482376