Richard J Stephenson

Richard J Stephenson - Founder and Chairman of the Board - National Board of Directors

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Philanthropist, entrepreneur and global merchant banker Richard J Stephenson founded Gateway for Cancer Research in 1991, to exclusively fund Phase I and Phase II cancer clinical trials. These trials are crucial to the discovery of innovative new treatments for all types of cancer. However, they are often overlooked by larger philanthropic and research-funding organizations. Mr. Stephenson’s charitable endeavors and servant leadership style stem from being taught by his parents to live a life in accordance with the moral code, which is as follows: When you see someone who is less well off than yourself, and you are in a unique position to do something about their plight, without harm to self, family or Lord, you simply step into the opportunity and do it.

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It costs just $16.56 per patient per day in a Gateway-funded cancer clinical trial.

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