Board of Directors

Providing vision and guidance to Gateway’s mission is a robust group of individuals who have achieved success in their own fields. From banking to research to hospital management to foundations, the Board of Directors help Gateway set strategic priorities that are aligned with a diverse set of patient interests and needs.

Richard J Stephenson – Chairman
Gateway for Cancer Research

Dr. Stacie J. Stephenson – Vice Chair
Founder & CEO, VibrantDoc

Fred DeGrandis – Secretary
President and CEO, NorthCoast Healthcare Services, LLC

Timothy Flanigan – Assistant Secretary
Chief Legal Officer, International Capital Investment Company

Tony Festa – Treasurer
Head of Portfolio Strategy, Fund Evaluation Group, LLC

Tawnya Bond – Director
Principle Consultant, Bond
2 Global Supply Chain Solutions

Joe Caltabiano – Director
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Healing Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

Jake Goldstein – Director
Managing Director, CIBC Bank USA

Emanuel Petricoin, PhD – Director
Co-Director, Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine

Deniz Razon – Director
Chief Business Officer, Servier Pharmaceuticals

Edwin Roberson – Director
Chief Executive Officer (Retired), Christ Community Health Services

Mary Lou Smith – Director
Co-Founder, Research Advocacy Network

Natalie Stewart – Ex Officio 
President and Chief Executive Officer, Gateway for Cancer Research

Satish Tadikonda, PhD – Director
Managing Partner, Avigo Solutions

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