Impact of Cytoreductive Radical Prostatectomy on Oncologic and Quality of Life Outcome in Men with Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer
Isacc Kim, MD, PhD, MBA
Yale University


Prostate is the second most common non-skin cancer diagnosed and the second leading cause of cancer death in men. Furthermore, approximately 16% of prostate cancer patients present with late-stage disease. There is no effective cure for men who have metastatic prostate cancer, and the 5-year survival rate is only 28%. Given the dismal prognosis of metastatic prostate cancer, novel approaches must be explored. One study found that the 5-year survival rate of metastatic prostate cancer patients that had undergone surgery was more than twice that of those who had no surgery. This study will assess whether robot-assisted surgery to remove the prostate via cytoreductive radical prostatectomy, with systemic therapy will increase the survival of patients in the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore with metastatic prostate cancer.

Trial Registrations: Identifier: NCT03456843