Telemedicine for FGFR focused diagnostics & novel cholangio therapies

Live/Bile Duct
Sameek Roychowdhury, MD, PhD
The Ohio State University


Cholangiocarcinoma is a rare and aggressive liver cancer affecting the bile duct. Patients with cholangiocarcinoma can benefit from clinical and genetics expertise found at university-based cancer centers. However, most patients cannot travel long distances and pay expensive out-of-pocket costs for this expert level of care. Unfortunately, rural based oncology practices also do not offer patients advanced genetic testing of their cancer which is critical to the care of cholangiocarcinoma. However, the researchers will conduct a telemedicine study where patients can have their blood drawn at their local doctor’s office and it can be shipped to the university lab for evaluation with a novel blood test that detects the FGFR mutations in cholangiocarcinoma. Patients positive for FGFR mutation will be guided to the latest clinical trials with drugs targeting FGFR.

Trial Registration: Identifier: NCT02090530