Gateway's Impact

Effective Measurement: Gateway’s Impact Framework

Guided by the advice of scientific counselors, patient representatives and investigators, Gateway’s impact framework is designed to best deliver on our focus of patient-centered, targeted therapies and integrative oncology that improves the patient’s quality of life.

Supported by scientifically validated methods and rigorous, evidence-based approaches, this framework represents a unique measurement model that allows us to aggregate and understand our impact across multiple trials and disease types.

All projects funded by Gateway must report on shared outcomes, so we can communicate to donors the precise impact of their contributions among patients. The framework invites increased rigor and accountability for our research as well as for ourselves — all focused on the patient. With strong metrics, we can continually raise expectations, learn what is important to patients and invest in research that helps people living with cancer to feel better, live longer and conquer cancer TODAY!

Greater Impact via Collaboration

At Gateway, we partner with world renowned institutions; we co-fund projects with like-minded organizations to increase our impact; and we develop a pipeline of support for promising research. By leveraging the investments, expertise, and knowledge base of a wider spectrum of academic and industry experts, Gateway enables a larger scale of impact than any one foundation can accomplish alone.

With your help, we can shape a world in which a cancer diagnosis is no longer feared!

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